Web Accessibility Statement

Art of Dentistry is continuously working to improve the accessibility of content on artofdentistryny.com. We offer several resources to help you improve your online experience by making your browser more accessible. W3C’s Techniques for WCAG 2 document are informative; that means they are not required. The basis for determining conformance to WCAG 2 is the success criteria from the WCAG 2 standard – not the techniques. Our goal is to create content available to all potential users.

Dragon Naturally Speaking may help you navigate web pages and online services with an alternative to mouse and keyboard actions. Speech recognition software allows the user to move focus around a web page or application screen through voice controls.

Several accessibility features are available to you if you are deaf or hard of hearing.

Closed captioning will provide you with a synchronized transcript for the audio track of a video presentation. Captions are visually displayed over the video to aid those who are deaf, or hard of hearing. Learn how to turn captioning on and off in YouTube.

Optimize your computer, tablet, or mobile device’s volume control features by adjusting both your device’s volume controls and your media players’ volume controls to optimize your listening experience.

Art of Dentistry is committed to offering a website experience that is equal for all. As technology changes, we will continue to adjust our web settings to meet the needs of those who are disabled. If you would like to contact us regarding your web experience, please call us at (516) 593-2060.