Looking For a Root Canal Dentist Near You?

Do you need a root canal dentist?

When infection from a cavity or dental injury reaches the roots of a tooth, root canal therapy near you may be necessary to save the tooth from extraction. There's no need to worry, however, as root canal specialists and root canal therapy has come a long way in recent years!

Depending on your specific needs, a root canal near you can often be completed by your local dentist in Lynbrook in one or two appointments and is relatively painless. In fact, patients often compare their root canal experience to a routine dental filling.

Whether a root canal or any other dental service, our team at the Art of Dentistry are readily available to help with a range of cosmetic and general dentistry services.

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    Long Island Root Canal Near You

    Art of Dentistry provides root canals near you and other dental procedures for patients near Lynbrook and throughout the Long Island area. Our skilled Long Island dentist are very mindful of your comfort and combines modern root canal specialist techniques with a gentle touch to keep you comfortable.

    How Much Does a Root Canal Cost in Lynbrook, NY?

    Wondering what a root canal costs?

    The cost of a root canal in Lynbrook Long Island can range from $1200-$1800, depending on your situation. Root canal costs depend on many factors, including:

    • The affected tooth
    • Your choice of root canal specialist
    • Your dental insurance coverage

    One major determination in the average cost of a root canal is whether you choose to visit an Endodontist or a General Dentist for your root canal.

    Endodontists attend an additional two or more years of training beyond dental school. These root canal specialists treat problems relating to the inside of your tooth and dedicate their time to diagnosing and treating tooth pain, and performing root canals. For these reasons, the root canal cost at an Endodontist will be higher than that of a general dentist.

    However, modern root canal therapy has come a long way, many general dentists are fully qualified to perform root canals therapy near you.

    Everything You Need to Know About Root Canal Therapy Near You

    Endodontics is a specialized branch of dentistry concerning dental pulp and tissues surrounding the roots of a tooth. “Endo” is the Greek word for “inside” and “odont” is Greek for “tooth.” Endodontic treatment, or root canal treatment, treats the soft pulp tissue inside the tooth.

    As with any dental procedure, like a tooth extraction, a root canal near you can often stir up mixed emotions. On one hand, the root canal therapy can bring much needed relief, but you may have a number of questions prior to your procedure. Below are common questions that our root canal specialists frequently receive at the Art of Dentistry.

    How do I know if I need a root canal dentist?

    Your dentist will typically recommend root canal therapy near you if the soft tooth pulp and nerves inside your tooth become infected or damaged. This may occur if injury or decay reaches deep into the tooth, past the outer enamel layer.

    There are a few symptoms that may indicate that you might need a root canal dentist, including:

    • Severe pain when biting or chewing
    • A chipped or cracked tooth
    • Increased sensitivity to hot or cold
    • Tenderness or swelling of the gums
    • Bumps or pimples on the gums
    • Deep tooth decay
    • Darkening of the gums

    Do root canals hurt?

    Root canal treatment has a reputation for being a painful treatment. In reality, however, root canal therapy near you can often be completed with minimal discomfort thanks to advanced root canal specialist techniques, tools, and anesthesia. Our root canal dentist, along with our entire dental team, works hard to provide you with a pleasant, comfortable experience each time you visit our office.

    Is there downtime after a root canal?

    Many patients are comfortable returning to work or school after their root canal therapy. We do recommend you wait to eat until after the numbing medication has worn off.

    How can a root canal near me save my tooth?

    A root canal procedure removes bacteria from the infected root canal and fortifies the strength of the natural tooth, preventing reinfection and further damage to the tooth. In the event the tooth cannot be saved, you may also want to discuss dental implants or dental bridges for multiple teeth.

    How long does a root canal specialist take?

    Depending on the severity of the infection in your tooth, root canal therapy may require one or two appointments. Typically, an  endodontist - or local root canal dentist in Lynbrook - can complete the procedure in about an hour. If you are having treatment on a larger tooth with multiple roots, it may take longer.

    Will I need a crown after my root canal?

    If the tooth is too weak to function properly on its own, our root canal dentist Lynbrook will add a dental crown to strengthen the tooth in order for it to function like a natural tooth.

    What will happen if I wait too long to see a root canal specialist?

    Neglecting an infected tooth that needs attention from a root canal dentist can lead to severe infection, such as a dental abscess, and can result in total loss of the tooth. Booking a dental exam is your best way to ensure optimal oral health.

    What should I expect after my root canal procedure?

    You will likely be numb for several hours after your root canal near you. While you may have some tenderness and numbing from the root canal therapy, you will not have the pain that you were having before the root canal procedure, as the nerves and infection will be removed. You may have some tenderness for a few days as your mouth heals from the root canal therapy, but you should feel mostly back to normal within a few days.

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    I had my first root canal done with Dr.Zoya, I was so scared because of my past experiences. She made me feel extremely comfortable!! She was very patient with me and made sure I was doing ok throughout the whole procedure, I didn’t feel a thing. I couldn’t have had a better experience or dentist to work on me. I highly recommend her!!

    Alexandra C.

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