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Invisalign Dentist Near YouThe American Dental Association urges the importance of correcting the alignment of teeth to protect overall dental health. Invisalign® (or clear braces in Lynbrook) are a popular orthodontic treatment among adults and young adults who wish to straighten their teeth without metal brackets and wires. If you are searching for a discreet dentist Lynbrook for cosmetic solutions, ask our dentist about receiving Invisalign near you Lynbrook. Call 516-593-2060 to arrange an orthodontic consultation with a dentist near you at Art of Dentistry.

Invisalign® in Lynbrook is a great choice for our patients who are searching for a more discreet orthodontic treatment option. Rather than using metal brackets and wires like traditional braces, the Invisalign system uses a series of custom-made, computer-generated plastic aligners to straighten your smile. Each set of clear aligners in Lynbrook are designed to make small changes to the alignment of the teeth. As you switch sets of aligners about every two weeks, your teeth will be gradually, and gently guided to their proper positions. You will also visit our Invisalign dentists near you at our office on a regular basis during treatment to make certain that your smile is progressing as planned.

In general, Invisalign can be used to treat the same orthodontic issues that are normally treated with braces. Our Invisalign dentist near you may recommend Invisalign to correct:

  • Crowded teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Gapped and spaced teeth
  • Certain problems with the bite, such as an overbite, open bite, underbite, or crossbite

Invisalign Dentist Near Me

If you're looking for a Long Island Invisalign specialist near Lynbrook, we've got you covered! Art of Dentistry has the expertise you're looking for conveniently located near you. If you're interested in correcting uneven, crooked, or gapped teeth, with the help of clear braces near you, Dr. Yadgarov is ready to help! Contact us today to schedule your Invisalign consultation to find out if Invisalign is the right treatment for you!

Benefits of Invisalign Over Braces

Invisalign LynbrookAre you trying to decide between Invisalign (clear braces near you) and another solution, like braces or retainers? Invisalign has a variety of benefits, including:

  • Removable - Because Invisalign can be removed at any time, there are no restrictions on food, candy, or chewing gum. You can remove your aligners to participate in sports, play instruments, or participate in activities.
  • Low Maintenance - Because your aligners are created for you upfront, you don't have to spend time getting things adjusted, tightened, or banded.
  • Discreet - Invisalign is clear and doesn't affect speech, so it isn't noticeable in most instances. It can also be removed for meetings, photographs, or special occasions.
  • Less Discomfort - Invisalign aligners work gently and evenly over time, so you don't have the discomfort that comes with tightening or adjusting braces.

Is Invisalign Right For Me?

Reasons For Getting Invisalign Near YouInvisalign is a great option for many people looking to correct minor to moderate orthodontic issues. If you're looking to straighten teeth, close gaps, adjust alignment, or resolve a bite problem without the hassle of braces, you might benefit from Invisalign treatment. If you're looking for major corrections, there may be alternate cosmetic dentistry options better suited to your needs.

  • Are your teeth crowded?
  • Do you have spaces or gaps in your teeth?
  • Are your teeth crooked?
  • Have you worn braces in the past, but your teeth have shifted?
  • Do you have an overbite, underbite, open bite, or crossbite?

If so, Invisalign might be a great option for you! During your initial visit, our Invisalign dentists will determine whether you are a good candidate for Invisalign. This treatment is often a good choice for adult patients and others who are interested in a virtually invisible orthodontic treatment. In addition to being discreet, Invisalign aligners are also very comfortable because they are custom-made from smooth, thin plastic. The aligners are removable as well, which allows you to easily remove them as needed in order to eat, brush, and floss.

The Invisalign system uses a series of custom-made, computer-generated plastic aligners to straighten your smile. As you wear them, the aligners slowly alter the alignment of the teeth. A new set of aligners is switched out about every two weeks until your teeth gradually and gently move to their proper positions. Regular visits to our Lynbrook dental clinic will be booked for you during your treatment to make certain that your smile is progressing as planned.

Looking for the Best Dentist For Invisalign in Lynbrook?

Art of Dentistry is here to help you transform your smile! Call today to set up an appointment with our Invisalign specialist and see why millions of people are choosing Invisalign. We're happy to answer any questions you may have and help you determine if Invisalign is right for you!

Our Lynbrook dentist's office can also assist with a number of other cosmetic dental procedures including dental veneers, teeth whitening, and metal-free dental crowns

invisalign dentist near me

What Is The Cost of Invisalign in Lynbrook, Long Island?

Generally speaking, the cost of Invisalign in Lynbrook - and on Long Island - ranges anywhere from $4900-$8500. But this is only a wide-ranging estimate, with each case being so unique it's difficult to provide a more accurate cost of Invisalign treatment without first undergoing an examination.

In addition, the price of Invisalign in NY is actually quite comparable to the cost of traditional wire braces.

At Art of Dentistry in Lynbrook, we offer a complimentary no-obligation consultation to determine if the treatment and price of Invisalign is the right choice for you.

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