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Dental injuries can be a very scary time, but due to advancements in dental technology and oral care today, you can choose a variety of treatments for dental restoration. Dr. Zoya Yadgarov and our team can provide you with specific instructions to address a tooth injury until you are able to visit our office for treatment. If you have suffered a knocked-out tooth, you can take the following steps to treat your mouth:

First, recover the tooth if it has fallen out and store it somewhere safe. Avoid handling the tooth by its root because this can cause irreversible damage. Grip the tooth by the crown, which is the part that is more shaped like a cube and is visible above the gums. Rinse the tooth under tap water under tap water to remove any debris, but avoid scrubbing it.

Second, use warm water to flush out your mouth. You can place a gauze pad or damp tea bag over the site of the lost tooth to stop any bleeding.

Store the tooth in saliva, a container of milk or a kit designed to save teeth because these substances can preserve the life of the tooth until you can receive professional dental treatment. By keeping the tissues alive, you can increase the chances of having your tooth placed back in your jaw.

If you have further questions about how to treat a knocked-out tooth in New York, New York, please contact Art of Dentistry PC at 212-203-4796 to speak with our dentist and schedule an appointment at our office.