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Full Mouth Dental Reconstruction

Full Mouth Reconstruction Lynbrook

Typically, full mouth reconstruction is performed in an effort to remove the majority of the teeth in the mouth and replace them with dental implants. Full mouth reconstruction is necessary for dental repairs due to damage, decay, or other factors. Dental reconstruction is a cost-effective and attractive option for individuals who want to restore their smiles and ensure their mouth is in optimal condition. 

Oftentimes, dental implants are used to create a customized look, function, and feel during full mouth reconstruction. With proper care, dental implants look just like natural teeth, and they can last a lifetime. Unlike typical dentures or false teeth, when dental reconstruction is performed, implants are permanent and non-detachable, which makes your smile and bite permanently. In fact, installing dental implants during a full mouth reconstruction is the only form of permanent cosmetic dental solution that effectively allows the jawbone to strengthen while also permanently replacing teeth. 

What Is Full Mouth Reconstruction? 

Patients who need comprehensive treatment plans and want to receive their dental care in the most convenient and cost-effective manner are ideal candidates for full mouth reconstructions. Dental reconstruction is typically performed on individuals that need to get their mouths back into optimal health. 

One of the main reasons full mouth reconstruction is recommended is to improve the appearance of the smile and health of the mouth due to:

  • Loss of teeth
  • Damage to teeth
  • Gum recession
  • Bone loss

How To Determine If Full Mouth Dental Reconstruction Is Necessary

Full mouth reconstruction can be deemed necessary if an individual has any dental conditions that interfere with the normal function of the teeth, jaw, or any other aspect of the mouth that causes persistent pain or discomfort. Commonly, patients that opt for full mouth reconstruction have one of the following:

  • Missing teeth
  • Damaged or worn teeth
  • Grind their teeth
  • Have temporomandibular joint syndrome (TMJ)

However, dental reconstruction can be needed to treat conditions other than the ones listed above. 

Full Mouth Reconstruction

To determine whether or not an individual is a good candidate for full mouth reconstruction, our team will perform a comprehensive exam with dental x-rays. X-rays of the inside of the mouth can provide a good look at what is causing any pain or discomfort, as well as identify the best techniques to use during the full mouth reconstruction process. Here are the individual aspects that our doctors look at when considering whether or not full mouth reconstruction is necessary.

Gum Tissue

Gum tissue is considered to be the flesh-pink tissue that encapsulates teeth and holds them in place within the mouth. When the gum tissue in the mouth is not healthy, the teeth are at a higher risk of tooth decay and loss. Any signs of gum disease (periodontal) could warrant deep cleaning, grafts of soft tissue, or bone to rebuild the gums and jaw during a full mouth reconstruction. 


When x-rays of the mouth are conducted, the teeth are also the first thing to look at when determining if full mouth reconstruction is necessary. Any signs of wear, infections, cracks, and movement could warrant veneers, crowns, bridges, or dental implants during full mouth reconstruction depending upon the patient’s preference and how bad the damage to the teeth is. 


When looking at x-rays of the jaw, our dentists will focus on determining the health of the jaw muscles, joints, and bite. Bite issues, amongst other things, can cause unnecessary wear on the teeth. Sometimes a simple fix is wearing a night guard to correct the jaw alignment, however, sometimes the damage to the jaw bone and muscles is too extensive and full mouth reconstruction will be necessary. 

What’s The Best Option For Teeth Replacement During A Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Dental implants are the number one recommended tooth replacement when undergoing a full mouth reconstruction. This is mainly because an implant is attached directly to the bone below the gum line, unlike a fixed bridge which is attached to the neighboring teeth. The implant will act as a natural tooth for the rest of the patient’s life. Unlike other tooth replacement options, there are no restrictions on what can and cannot be eaten with dental implants. There are, however, times when bridges will become loose or even fall off. Mainly, the best way to determine which option is ultimately best for the patient is to consult one of our experienced and knowledgeable dental implant specialists. We will answer all of your questions, walk you through the entire process, and outline the dental implant cost particular to your treatment plan. 

Other benefits of dental reconstruction with implants can include, but are not limited to:

  • Bone Loss Prevention – When an adult loses a tooth and does not have it replaced immediately, the jaw bone is at risk of deterioration. In fact, if an implant is not placed, up to 25% of the jaw bone’s volume can be lost within just one year. Over time, the loss of jaw bone volume will increase until a dental implant is placed or the jaw bone is reconstructed. 
  • Full Range Of Chewing Power – Patients can’t tell the difference between natural teeth and dental implants mainly because dental implants are embedded in the jaw bone. Dentures are often more difficult to adjust to than implants because patients can’t eat, brush or floss properly. Even with adhesive, dentures can fall out or become damaged while eating something sticky or hard. 
  • Saves Health Of Other Teeth – It is possible for remaining teeth to shift and move in response to gaps caused by missing teeth. In addition to affecting an individual’s smile, bite, and even the way they chew, this can also affect their health. When a dental implant is placed it preserves the other natural teeth within the mouth. 
  • No Replacement Needed – Providing they are properly maintained, dental implants can last a lifetime without needing to be replaced. 
  • Premature Aging Prevention – Premature aging can be prevented with dental implants. Bone loss can lead to facial sagging. There is a possibility that the lower portion of the face may collapse, shortening the distance between the nose and chin. As a result, wrinkles can appear more prominent, lips can start to thin, and the jawline may appear smaller, which can make the patient appear older than they actually are. 
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We at Art of Dentistry know just how stressful and disheartening dental procedures can be. That is why we want our patients to be fully aware of every aspect of their full mouth reconstruction experience. We do this in an effort to ease any anxiety or hesitation our patients might feel before undergoing full mouth reconstruction. We understand that patients want to discuss alternative options like all on 6 implants for example, or the all on 4 dental implants cost in order to make a fully informed decision. That is why we are always able to schedule consultations and answer any questions you may have. To learn more about how we can help you create a healthier smile, contact us today to book your consultation appointment, or call us at 516-665-1395

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