Aging Can Affect the Health of Your Smile

Aging can be hard on the body. Without proper diet and exercise, our health can deteriorate. The same can happy with your smile if it is not adequately cared for. That is why Dr. Zoya Yadgarov with Art of Dentistry PC in New York, New York, wants to share with... Read more »

A Chipped Tooth Needs Professional Treatment

Tooth enamel is meant to be hard enough to allow your teeth to bite, chew and grind common foods. However, it is not invulnerable to damage from a bad habit like chewing on pencils and pens or the excessive force that can be placed on a tooth when using it... Read more »

Treating a Chipped Tooth to Prevent Complications

Your tooth enamel is intended to be hard enough to chew foods you eat and protect your teeth from decay. However, your enamel can be damaged by chewing on foreign objects, eating hard or tough foods, chewing on ice, or grinding your teeth. Even if the compromised tooth doesn’t cause... Read more »

All About Cosmetic Dentistry

Your dentist, Dr. Zoya Yadgarov, offers cosmetic dentistry in New York, New York, for your benefit. It is a branch of dentistry that can help you enhance the appearance of your smile. There are many treatments that can help you reach your smile goals, and by using these treatments, you... Read more »

Fall in Love with Your Smile Thanks to Dentures

There's no better time to think about your oral health care than when you suffer an oral accident or injury. Even if your mouth is well taken care of and recovery has been successfully undergone, if you have suffered any missing or lost teeth, it is essential to have them... Read more »

Why You Don’t Want to Deal with Rotten Baby Teeth

If a larger number of adults cared for their children’s teeth as if they were permanent teeth, we would treat fewer cases of tooth decay in the teenage years and adulthood. The habits formed in a child’s early years of life usually follow them into their adult years, and the condition... Read more »

Consistent Oral Hygiene Habits Help Maintain Good Gum Health

The health of your gums weighs heavily with the overall health of your teeth and can also affect your quality of life. Indeed gum disease problems can lead to tooth loss and long-term medical complications. If the bacterial matter is not removed from your mouth by brushing twice each day... Read more »

A Tooth with a Severe Toothache Might Need to Be Replaced

An untreated cavity or a failing dental filling that goes without professional intervention, can invite more serious tooth decay complications to affect the core of the tooth. This can cause increasing toothache pain, or a potential pain and pressure in the underlying gums. If it’s caught early a tooth in... Read more »

A Dental Bridge Can Restore an Extracted Tooth

Sometimes, if a tooth is too severely damaged by dental trauma or tooth decay, our dentist may not be able to save it with a root canal. In this case, he may recommend extracting the remaining tooth structure and replacing the tooth with a dental bridge. Dental bridges are an... Read more »

All About Dental Veneer Treatment and Care Instructions

Are you about to enhance your smile with dental veneers? If so, good for you! This treatment can help you improve your discolored, misshapen, and broken teeth as well as help you have the attractive smile you need. To help you know a little more about dental veneers in New... Read more »