No one plans for emergency dental services. In fact, emergency dental services are just that - an emergency. Emergency Dentist LynbrookAny kind of accident can cause the need for emergency dental services, and there is nothing more frustrating or frightening than not being able to find a dentist in an emergency situation. Therefore, we have worked hard to provide individuals with the ability to be seen by our same-day emergency dentists in the Lynbrook area as well as provide next-day emergency dental services, depending upon the severity of the emergency.

Lynbrook Emergency Dentist Near You

Our emergency dental services allow individuals in need of emergency dental services to quickly and efficiently find our Lynbrook dentists near you who are available to assist anyone in an emergency situation. We are open during off hours and weekends to ensure that our clients do not have to suffer or compromise their health while waiting to be seen.

There are many different scenarios that can result in a true dental emergency, and many of those cannot wait until Monday to be addressed. When our emergency dental service is contacted we provide services such as:

  • Direct scheduling
  • Verifying insurances
  • Discounted dental plans
  • Dental financing for emergency, specialty, and cosmetic dentistry

Emergency Dentistry - What Is it?

Emergency dentistry is not just for individuals who have knocked a tooth out but can also be for anything from severe pain to unknown swelling.

In fact, around 22% of individuals in the United States have reported experiencing some sort of heightened oral pain in the past six months, showing how common dental emergency dentist appointments are. Emergency Dentist Lynbrook

However, not all oral pain or every toothache requires an emergency dentist.

The best way to know if a trip to the emergency dentist is warranted the following questions must first be asked.

  1. Have you lost a tooth? - Once an individual has their adult teeth, they are permanent. They should never be knocked out or loosened. If they are an emergency dental service may be needed.
  2. Are you in an abnormal amount of pain? - When an individual experiences a severe amount of oral pain or bleeding, it is a sign of a dental emergency and may even need the attention of a root canal specialist.
  3. Are any teeth loose? - Adults should never have loose teeth. Even if the individual is not experiencing any pain, a loose tooth is a sign of a dental emergency.
  4. Do you have an abscess? - A lump or abscess in the mouth is a sign of serious infection and could potentially be life-threatening. Emergency dental services are needed immediately when this happens.

Is there blood coming from the mouth? - When abnormal amounts of blood begin to come out of the mouth, it could be a sign of a dental emergency. If bleeding does not subside or continues to occur off and on, a trip to the emergency dentist may be needed.

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