Aesthetic Laser Treatments

At our office, our dentist and team can use the powerful Fotona® laser in Lynbrook and Lynbrook, New York, to offer treatments to improve your facial aesthetics. Whether you are wanting to zap away a wrinkle here or a line there, Dr. Zoya Yadgarov can help you achieve your gorgeous goals. Contact Art of Dentistry PC Lynbrook at 516-593-2060 to learn more and

The Fotona laser is equipped with two different wavelengths, which allows us to offer both intraoral and extraoral treatments. Intraoral treatments include treating periodontal disease and curing dental fillings, and you can learn more about those uses here. The extraoral treatments are where the laser can let the beauty of your face shine, and they can include:

  • Enlarging lips
  • Erasing wrinkles
  • Smoothing lines
  • Clearing bags under the eyes
  • Removing hair
  • And more!

The Fotona laser is powerful but gentle, and all of these treatments can be completed without JUVÉDERM® fillers and other cosmetic injectable fillers, medication, or any other invasive method. We can tell you more about how the Fotona laser will help you achieve your goals when you come in for your appointment with our dentist.

Are you ready to improve your facial aesthetics and boost your self-confidence? Contact us for your appointment today! We are excited to help you feel great about yourself!