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Brushing your teeth is the foundation of a sound oral health routine. And of course, a good toothbrush needs toothpaste. But what toothpaste should you choose?

All toothpastes contain some basic ingredients, most contain some kind of abrasive to help remove food debris and stains. Toothpaste also contains additives to keep it from drying out, and to keep it on the bristles when you put it on your brush. There will also be a specially-formulated detergent to help clean your teeth and distribute the toothpaste around your mouth. Usually, there is some sort of flavoring added to improve the taste and freshen your breath.

Not all toothpastes are made for the same purpose. While every toothpaste should contain fluoride to fight cavities, some are specifically designed to freshen your breath, reduce plaque or whiten your teeth. Others are designed to combat tooth sensitivity.

For kids, there are a variety of toothpastes available in fun flavors, and interesting containers. Allowing your child to pick out his or her own toothpaste can help get them interested in brushing. If you wear dentures or a retainer, you should use a toothpaste designed to clean them. The abrasives in regular toothpaste can damage the material of your dentures or appliance.

No matter the toothpaste you choose, you should check for two things: fluoride, and the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance. Fluoride will keep your teeth strong and healthy, and the ADA seal will ensure that the product is safe and effective. If you have any questions about selecting a toothpaste, or if it is just time for your cleaning and exam, make an appointment to see our dentist, Dr. Zoya Yadgarov at Art of Dentistry PC in New York, New York. You can reach our office by calling 212-203-4796, and we look forward to seeing you soon!