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An untreated cavity or a failing dental filling that goes without professional intervention, can invite more serious tooth decay complications to affect the core of the tooth. This can cause increasing toothache pain, or a potential pain and pressure in the underlying gums.

If it’s caught early a tooth in this condition might be treated with a root canal administered at Art of Dentistry PC’s dental offices. If the tooth is severely distressed or a large dental abscess has developed Dr. Zoya Yadgarov might advocate extracting the tooth and any infected material.

After the extraction, your gums will be sutured to allow the affected tissues to heal. If necessary, you might also be given a prescription for pain medication or antibiotics.

When you’re ready the missing tooth might be replaced by installing a dental bridge. This is a single piece of dental work designed to fully replicate the original tooth. It is fused with dental crowns on each end. The dental bridged will eventually be anchored on abutments formed from the two teeth closest to the void.

If you are in the New York, New York, area and you are dealing with a severe case of tooth decay, you should not delay in calling 212-203-4796 to seek treatment at Art of Dentistry PC.